What is the cost of a vasectomy reversal?

Dr. Desiderio Avila understands that your decision to undergo a vasectomy reversal is an investment in the future of your family. Therefore, it is important for his patients to understand the costs associated with vasectomy reversal and have a good framework of questions that should be answered during the process.

The first consultation about your vasectomy reversal is usually covered by most insurance plans. Our office will check with your insurance provider to find out whether this applies to you.

However, we realize that most insurance companies do not cover the vasectomy reversal, and therefore it is very important that our patients learn as much as possible about the procedural, economical, and logistical aspects of their treatment.

When making a decision regarding a vasectomy reversal, most couples look at the cost of the procedure as their primary focus. It is important to understand that the initial cost must be balanced with the value, expertise, and results you will receive. As with most services provided in our day-to-day activities, exceptional value and success rates are linked to the cost. A low-cost vasectomy reversal performed by an under-qualified provider and invariably costs couples more in the long run. Dr. Avila has performed a substantial number of re-do vasectomy reversals for couples whose first reversal was less expensive but not performed by a qualified microsurgeon. In these situations these patients end up paying more, physically as well as financially, then if they had undergone treatment with a fellowship trained microsurgeon from the beginning.

Dr. Avila also believes in keeping costs of a vasectomy reversal competitive compared to the rest of the nation. While he is not the most expensive surgeon in the U.S., he is confident that by choosing him you will be choosing one of the most highly skilled experts in the country who can provide you with the best possible chance for a successful vasectomy reversal. In addition, by keeping our fees as reasonable as possible, we are able to provide our services to as many patients as possible.


Three components to cost: As you go through your decision-making process, it is important to discuss the specifics of the cost of your vasectomy reversal with each surgeon. Dr. Avila is completely transparent, and will discuss each specific fee with you in detail. The three components are:

  1. Professional fee that covers the surgeon’s fee for the procedure
  2. Facility fee that covers the actual operating room costs including instruments and supplies
  3. Anesthesiology fee that covers the anesthesiologist’s fee for the procedure

Every patient is responsible for covering these three components of the bill. In most situations the surgeons office requires full payment prior to the procedure. Dr. Avila is sensitive to the financial needs of his patients and offers financing and payment options.

Hospital-based surgery: When the surgeon performs the vasectomy reversal in a hospital rather than an ambulatory surgery center, the total cost of the procedure is usually significantly higher. The facility fee at an outpatient surgery center is lower because the center is not burdened by the overhead costs of a hospital, which are factored into the cost of hospital-based surgeries.

Microsurgeon’s fee vs. urologist’s fee: If you compare physicians’ fees, you will find that some fees are significantly lower than others. A general urologic surgeon who performs vasectomy reversals but is not fellowship trained in male infertility and microsurgery normally charges a lower fee. This is where value comes in. General urologists only have a 30 to 40 percent vasectomy reversal success rate; men who go to this type of urologist have a greater likelihood that their vasectomy reversal will need to be re-done by a highly-skilled microsurgeon. This will more than double the initial cost of going to the less-skilled surgeon. Dr. Avila is very comfortable with repairing failed vasectomy reversals, and is considered an expert in microsurgery. Nevertheless, re-do vasectomy reversal success rates may not be as high as if it had been done correctly the first time.


In some cases, insurance covers the costs of a vasectomy reversal, however, in the majority of cases it does not. We suggest you call your insurance carrier to discuss whether your plan covers the procedure before you schedule your appointment with Dr. Avila.

If your plan does not cover the procedure, self-payment will be required. We offer an excellent financing plan to support you in your goal to have a child.


Dr. Avila understands the importance of financial flexibility. As you enter into the possibility of starting or adding to your family, it is important to have options to cover the cost of your treatment. Our billing specialists can review with you options and payment plans available to you. They will help you understand how each option works and whether you would qualify.


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