Penile Rehabilitation

Over 185,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed yearly. Unfortunately treatment for this can lead to penile shortening and some form of erectile dysfunction in up to 90% of men.

The majority of men who are treated for prostate cancer undergo a radical prostatectomy or some form of radiation therapy.  While these treatments are highly effective in curing cancer, they can also damage the nerves, blood vessels and the muscles of the penis.  To increase your opportunity for erections after prostate cancer, an active approach to treatment should be taken.

Research has suggested that early intervention of the penile tissue is important in preserving erectile function. Dr. Avila utilizes a number of therapies to maximize the potential for obtaining satisfactory erections. As you go through the program you will continue to be under the care of your urologist or oncologist, who will follow your cancer treatment needs. It is important to begin evaluation and treatment with Dr. Avila prior to your planned cancer treatment, as this may improve your outcome once you have completed your cancer care.


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