Sexual Health and Dysfunction

Many men will have sexual difficulties at some point in their lives.

For some they occur infrequently but for others the problem persists over time. When long lasting problems occur it is not uncommon for them to lead to embarrassment, relationship strain and feelings of inadequacy. Some men may also avoid basic intimacy with their partners in fear that it may lead to exposing their sexual dysfunction. Others avoid starting new relationship all together.

Many sexual problems are very common and treatable. In some cases sexual difficulties can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition that can be adequately treated or reversed. Dr. Avila provides professional and effective treatment for sexual dysfunction. He encourages partner involvement if warranted. As a fellowship trained urologist in sexual dysfunction, Dr Avila takes a personal approach to each patient’s needs. Unlike clinics that promise a “quick fix” to the problem, Dr. Avila attempts to find the underlying cause of the sexual dysfunction and takes steps to prevent further progression.


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