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Whether its during your no-cost telephone conversation, initial comprehensive consultation, surgery, or post-operative care, Dr Avila provides the top-notch care that only a few surgeons in the country can provide, adding complete safety, comfort, and premier expertise to provide the highest levels of success.

The majority of men seeking vasectomy reversal treatments do not know where to turn for information. Dr. Avila has made it a point to be as accessible as possible and welcomes emails, texts, tweets, and phone calls from all of his patients. Going beyond the initial evaluation performed in the office, it is what Dr Avila does during the procedure that sets him a level above everyone else. While it is true that most vasectomy reversals have high success rates, there are many intricacies that impact the ultimate success for each couple. Dr Avila uses information gathered real-time during the surgery to dictate the absolute best approach to reconstruction each vas tube. Specific findings such as vas fluid quantity, quality, or color are important but do not offer the complete picture. Dr. Avila’s expertise in microsurgical tecniques allow him to take a much more in-depth look at each vas for the presence of sperm that are healthy, complete, fragmented, or completely destroyed. It is this ability to audible his plan during the surgery that provides Dr Avila’s patients with the best chances for success. It is true that experience counts during these procedures, but knowing whether to do a vas-to-vas reconnection versus a vas-to-epididymis reconstruction, and what type is preferred only comes from the expertise gained through formal fellowship training in Microsurgery and Male Reproduction.

Dr Avila has mastered the skill and expertise for all of the available male reproductive microsurgical techniques. Simply reading a book or going to a weekend course to “learn” these techniques is not enough. Dr. Avila has successfully treated men with redos and failed reversals in the past and this speaks volumes of his quality, skill, and experience.

Many men undergoing Dr. Avila’s vasectomy reversal note that their reversal was more comfortable than the vasectomy itself. There are three key components to this outcome. First, our reversals are performed under a general anesthesia which minimizes stress and anxiety and plenty of long acting local anesthesia. Second, we use a no-scalpel approach to identify the vasectomy site to minimize trauma to the tissues surrounding the reversal site. Third, and most important, Dr. Avila dedicates the whole day to his vasectomy reversal patients so he is not rushing or concerned about another surgery. He has found that this is the best way to be as comfortable and focused as possible to perform microsurgery with impeccable precision and utmost safety. These factors result in the highest quality, least invasive, and essentially painless experience while achieving a world-class reversal.

Dr. Avila expects your recovery to be uneventful and smooth. It all begins with having a successful operation. Most men can return to normal activities within a week or 10 days. Because of the added stress to the genital area, Dr. Avila recommends men limit sexual activity or straddle activites (cycling, bullriding) for 14 to 30 days after the surgery. Of course every patient receives tailored instructions based on the specific surgical technique used. Finally all patients are expected to ejaculate frequently once the initial period of rest is completed in order to maintain the reconstruction open and sperm flowing well throughout.


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